Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I-N-T-E-L-L-I-G-E-N-T . . . PUH-LEEZ!!!

So, in what I like to refer to as a dumbass move, Rick Santorum wants people to call him intelligent. Well, personally, I find this hard to do, because . . .

. . . in citing a recent study which showed that fewer Americans are getting married, he - in a move only an intelligent person might make - tweeted the following: "Here is 1 effect of changing definition of marriage".

Let me count the ways how inane this comment by a man, who wants people to consider him i-n-t-e-l-l-i-g-e-n-t . . .

First - the change in the definition of marriage, i.e., whoever the heck wants to marry can marry, probably doesn't have any impact on why people are marrying less.

Second - if the definition was changed, and members of the GLBT community could marry, then, the percentage of Americans getting married would . . . INCREASE.

So much for the intelligence of Rick Santorum. Just sayin' . . .


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