Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Linda Harvey

Linda Harvey of Mission America needs a bit of education. In her latest efforts to undermine equal protection under the law, she has stated the following:
  • Homosexuality is not inborn - it's not like race - and the behavior is harmful to individuals and societies. These identities and attractions do not characterize separate types of "persons" (as the Obergefell majority ruling incorrectly assumed). So they are not defensible under the 14th Amendment.
  • Christianity is now a target to be obliterated or revised with homosexuality no longer a sin, humans no longer distinctly male and female, abortion a "right" for females and believers painted into a narrow doctrinal corner if we let them do this. She means pass the Equality Act.
Linda Harvey - before you speak, you should really understand what you're talking about. Since you obviously don't have a clue, please let explain things to you.

First - homosexuality is as inborn as your alleged heterosexuality. There is no choosing to be gay. It's Genetics 101 - you're either born straight, gay, or transgendered. It's how God intended, and it's how it is! 

Second - since homosexuality is inborn, i.e., part of the DNA of the individual, your statement that "these identities and attractions do not characterize separate types of 'persons' is totally false and without any merit whatsoever. 

Third - your statement "not defensible under the 14th Amendment" is wrong as well. Perhaps you might want to go back to school and study law and Constitutional Law before making such a statement, since it is quite clear you a) don't understand the law and b) don't understand Constitutional Law. 

Fourth - Christianity is not a target at all. There are Christians and faux-Christians. You can decide which category you fall into on your own, but, I can tell you, the one you pick for yourself is not accurate. The faux Christians - those misinterpreting the Bible to justify their hate and discrimination toward others - are the ones feeling threatened and targeted, when nobody really cares about them. The true Christians understand that we are all God's Children and that there are two main concepts in the Bible: Love thy Neighbor and Thou Shall Not Judge. I guess you, and those like you, missed class the day those two lessons were taught. 

Your religious freedom, your right to misinterpret the Bible, is not being threatened in any way, shape or form. You can do that until the saints come marching in. You can - as you continually do, and your words in your most recent article do - demean and disrespect people all you like. It's your right. You can treat others exactly how you don't want to be treated. Again, it's your right. 

It is also, unfortunately, your right to put false (totally untrue) information out there as you thump your Bible with a staccato beat. Thump away, Ms. Harvey. But, the best thing you could really do is go out and get an education so you can actually understand what you're talking about. Because right now, you don't have a clue.

So, keep up your tirades - nothing will stop you anyhow - and your fiction about attacks and targets and all the other imaginary stuff you write about in your articles. It is after all, your right.

But, my hope for you, Ms. Harvey, is that you are one day able to understand the concept of compassion and are able to treat people with respect, courtesy, and compassion. For that, Ms. Harvey,is what - to me - Christianity is all about.

The Golden Rule, Ms. Harvey, is to treat others how you want to be treated. God knows, if the LGBT Community treated you like you treat them, you'd have us all in court for mistreating you. Mull on that, Ms. Harvey, while you thump your Bible.