Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Deplorable Tyrant: Chapter Three

Chapter Three: Fake Votes

The Tyrant was not happy. The media kept misreporting the alternative facts. They kept saying 5.6 million more people voted for his opponent than voted for him. He knew the truth. He kept telling them the truth. His media representative kept telling them the truth. The media kept reporting the lies and not the alternative facts that supported The Tyrant's version of reality.

The alternative fact was simple: 5.6 million, at a minimum, fake votes were cast. There was no other explanation as to why his opponent received so many other votes. Everybody in the country LOVED him. He was WORSHIPPED by the masses.

He had decided - while Chirping away at 3 AM - that a full investigation into the fake votes needed to be started immediately, at a cost to the citizens and not the government. The Universe must understand that millions upon millions of people did not vote against him. Still, he was thankful for the archaic system that should - but luckily wasn't - have been voided centuries ago was still in existence. If not for that archaic system, his opponent would have won.

Note: The Tyrant is a purely fictional character and any resemblance to a living or deceased individual is purely coincidental. #COINCIDENTAL

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Deplorable Tyrant: Chapter Two

Chapter Two: Mrs. Deplorable Tyrant

Mrs. Deplorable Tyrant (hereafter known as Mrs. Tyrant) lay in bed pretending to sleep. Her husband, The Tyrant, was angrily Chirping away at all the people he believed were his enemies . . . which was pretty much everyone in the country, though he refused to admit such an obvious fact. She knew she would have to endure his presence in his bed . . . tonight at least. It was getting more difficult year after year to pretend he wasn't old, fat, and an incredibly bad lover. She always kept her eyes closed. She had opened them once - seen his horrible face - and almost screamed out in fright. Luckily, besides being beautiful, she was a good actress. He never suspected that she couldn't stand him.

He had always been a means to an end: citizenship and money. She would endure what she must to stay in this country . . . even sex with The Tyrant once per month as agreed upon in their pre-nuptial agreement. Of course, it had been more often in the beginning. She had to get pregnant. His little swimmers weren't so hearty any longer, and it took much longer than she planned. Still, she had a beautiful child who was well worth the misery she endured having sex with The Tyrant.

He finally came to bed. She pretended to be asleep. She had endured enough today, and in the last few months. She wasn't sure she could endure his feeble attempts at love-making and the question he always inevitably asked: Wasn't that the best EVER?? He always seemed to emphasize the word EVER.

Soon, she heard the sounds of his snoring. She smiled slightly and drifted off to sleep. She dreamed of attending his funeral and the looks on his children's (by other wives) faces as they learned he disinherited every last one of them.

Note: The Tyrant and Mrs. Tyrant are purely fictional characters and any resemblance to a living or deceased individual is purely coincidental. #COINCIDENTAL

The Deplorable Tyrant: Chapter One

Chapter One: Day One of the Apocalypse

January 20, 2017, a day that will live in infamy . . . and not in a good way. The Deplorable Tyrant (hereafter referred to as just The Tyrant) took his oath of office and ascended his gilded throne. Okay, it wasn't a gilded throne when he took his oath of office, nor did previous occupiers of the office ascend anything, but this is The Tyrant we are talking about. Within 37 seconds of taking the oath of office - before giving a very bad speech full of bull shit - workers went into his office, built a podium, put his chair on it and spray-painted it gold. One worker was heard to mumble Hope the paints still wet when his hine-ass sits on it. That worker disappeared and was never heard from again. 

The Tyrant didn't earn the moniker deplorable for nothing.

As The Tyrant stood before the very small crowds gathered to hear his speech that went something like this - Blah, blah, blah, I am The Tyrant you will worship me, blah, blah, blah, Screw You, I'm in charge now, blah, blah, blah, blah - he noticed one thing: the crowd was very, very small. It was nothing like the crowd gathered to witness the oath of office of his predecessor. He knew then that he would have to present alternative facts. He might even have to use pictures of the crowds gathered for his predecessor on his Chirp account. 

He was an expert at Chirping. He Chirped day and night, especially in the wee hours of the morning. He was really good at angry Chirping. He was the BEST Angry Chirper EVER.

That evening, at one of the many balls held in his honor, he showed the world that white men really can't dance. Of course, The Tyrant believed he was the Best dancer EVER! The small amount - way less than at the balls of his predecessors, unless you believe the alternative facts that The Tyrant was planning on Chirping out later in the evening . . . in an angry manner, of course - of people gathered attempted to hide their smiles as The Tyrant proved again and again and again that white men really can't dance.Well, that the white (not really, his skin had a strange cast to it, almost orangish in color, but not quite) man known as The Tyrant couldn't dance.

In the wee morning of the hours as his young wife, who he knew married him for his money and so she could become a legal citizen of the country, lay sleeping, he began to Chirp:


- The ballrooms were filled to CAPACITY. #AMAZING -

- I put the other dancers to shame. #AMAZING - 

- Can you believe those crowds this morning? #AMAZING -

- People complimented me on my dancing. #AMAZING -

- Can you believe the media is lying about the numbers attending my coronation . . . uh, swearing in ceremony? #UNBELIEVABLE -

The Tyrant Chirped away for well over an hour. He finally lay down in bed next to his wife. Today was a special occasion after all. Normally, she slept in another room. Oh, she would have sex with him, but it was funny, her eyes were always closed. She never opened her eyes when they had sex. Perhaps he should command her to do so? He was the BEST looking man EVER and an AMAZING lover. She was lucky to be able to share her life with him . . . until she started to age or gain weight. 

She wasn't his first wife and wouldn't be his last. She was only a woman. She was disposable after all.

The Tyrant closed his eyes and fell asleep. He dreamed of the HUGE crowds witnessing his swearing in ceremony and heard the resounding applause that went on for almost an hour in the aftermath of his AMAZING speech. Even in his dreams, the alternative facts took precedence.

Note: The Tyrant is a purely fictional character and any resemblance to a living or deceased individual is purely coincidental. #COINCIDENTAL

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dear Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump

I didn't vote for you. I couldn't vote for you because of everything you seemed to represent during the election: racism, misogyny, and bigotry. 

I want a country where everybody is treated equally under the law. I want a country where labels - Democrat, Republican, Christian, Atheist, Conservative, Liberal, Gay, Straight, etc. - do not define people. I want a country where none of the citizens are considered second class citizens based on their gender, the color of their skin, their sexual preference, their religion, their political affiliation, or anything. 

My rights - the rights of every single citizen of this country - are just as important as yours. All the respect and consideration you expect people to give you is exactly what I expect and deserve, and what every citizen should expect and deserve . . . and recive.

In your speech yesterday, you called for the unification of our country and said the following . . .

Now it is time for America to bind the wounds of division, have to get together. To all Republicans and Democrats and independents across this nation, I say it is time for us to come together as one united people.
It is time. I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be President for all of Americans, and this is so important to me. For those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people, I'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country.
What I want to know? What are you going to do to protect my equal rights under the laws of the country? How are you going to unite us if you plan - as you have stated - to roll back marriage equality? How are you a "president for all of Americans" if you sign the First Amendment Defense Act (which allows for open discrimination of members of the LGBT Community based on alleged religious freedoms - more on that later) into law? In both instances, your actions would not unify this country. 

You also stated the following . . .

Nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach.

Actually, you're wrong about that  if you do either of the things I mentioned above. Because if you do those things, the future of my marriage to my husband is quite possibly beyond my reach. The future marriages of same-sex couples across this great nation might be beyond their reach if you do either of the things I mentioned above.

We will seek common ground, not hostility; partnership, not conflict.

Again, to roll back marriage equality and to allow open discrimination of members of the LGBT Community does not seek "common ground" and it actually creates "hostility". "Partnership" cannot exist, and all that will leave is "conflict" if you strip away the right to marry granted to same-sex couples on that momentous day in 2015.

Then, there is the fact that your vice president is a known bigot and very anti-gay. He claims to be a Christian, but, sorry, not something he has ever evidenced with his behavior. He wants to strip away my right to equal protection under the law. He wants to deny my marriage to my husband.

I've been with Frank for 22 years. In 2014 we were legally married according to the laws of the State of Delaware. Unfortunately, Tennessee, where we live, didn't honor or recognize our marriage . . . until the Supreme Court ruling on June 26, 2015 which made them recognize our marriage.

To be honest - my relationship has lasted longer than any of your marriages. I'm not judging. If something is not working, and it can't be fixed, I believe people should move on. I do not believe people should stay in a marriage/relationship that is not working. Sometimes, the best thing people can do is walk away from a relationship. 

I do not believe that people misinterpreting the bible to justify their discrimination towards others, and make them feel all warm and fuzzy about their bigotry, have the right to say Frank and I can't get married. 

With all that said: how are you going to protect me, a United States citizen (whose family has been in this country since the mid-1600s) from the bigotry of others? Of the bigotry of your own chosen vice president? Are you going to strip away my equal rights and make me a second class citizen? Are you going to help promote discrimination based on personal beliefs hidden behind the phrase "religious freedoms"? Neither God nor Jesus ever said anything about homosexuality. Now, the followers of God and Jesus - humans, flawed individuals with personal biases, said an awfully lot about homosexuality . . . Well, we really don't know if they did, or if those parts were added to the Bible. You see, President-Elect Trump, nobody knows what was actually in the original documents because they haven't existed for centuries. All we have are copies of copies of copies, some so badly damaged that in the copying process the clerks/monks/whoever actually had to guess at words. Then, there was the fact that when translating the words, no known equal word existed, so the clerk/monk/whoever just put the word they thought it should mean in it's place.

So, as you can see, the Bible has been shaped by the personal biases of men who were not perfect in any way. Their word does not count above God or Jesus, no matter what the misguided faux-Christians would like the world to believe. God and Jesus did not speak out about homosexuality, so what gives men like your vice president Mike Pence the right to impose his will upon the people of our once great nation.

We have fallen far, President-Elect Trump, as you so clearly pointed out in your campaign. We will fall farther still if laws are passed that directly support discrimination toward law-abiding, tax-paying citizens of this country, many of whom have been in this country since not long after it's founding.

So, President-Elect Trump, as you plot the course of the next few years, please remember you represent not only the people that voted for you, but also for those that voted against you as well. Your job is not to govern only the Republicans or the alleged Conservatives, but all the people of the United States.

So, again, my simple question is: what are you going to do to protect the rights of the LGBT citizens of the United States? Will you allow your Vice President to attack us? Will you support his attacks on us? Will you allow open discrimination against us? How many more transgendered individuals have to die before someone acts? How many more LGBT teens have to be bullied into suicide before someone will act? How many deaths will you have on your hands if you allow the reign of terror against the LGBT community that has been ongoing for centuries?

When you were elected, and my friends were in despair, I told them this: we must hold onto hope, we must be the light in the darkness. 

As much as I do not like what you seem to represent, I'm a fool who believes that there is good in all people. I could be delusional, for all I know, in thinking that there is good in you and that you won't strip away the equality the members of the LGBT community have fought for for centuries. Your choice of Mike Pence doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy, but . . . I still hope that you, as President of the United States, will respect every single citizen of this country, and will not go out of your way to openly harm them, or allow others in this country to openly harm or discriminate against them.

As hard as it is for me to say this, I wish you the best of luck as President of the United States. I hope you can unify our country; that Democrats and Republicans can actually work together, for the best interest of the country as a whole, instead of against each other; and that the hostility and conflict of the pre-election period are at an end.

And, if you really want help or guidance, if you really care about the millions upon millions of members of the LGBT Community . . . well, you now know how to contact me. I'd be glad to help.


Scott Mitchell

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sacrificing Humanity for Politics

In this polarizing election, one question has come to mind: Have American's sacrificed their humanity for the sake of a label, i.e., Democrat/Republican?

If Donald Trump was a Democrat and did/said what he has done/said . . . he wouldn't have received the party's nomination.

If Donald Trump was a black man and did/said what he has done/said . . . he wouldn't have received the party's nomination.

But, because he is a white man . . . Republicans fall in line and endorse a man who represents the worst characteristics of human society.

He's (allegedly) a narcissist.

He's (allegedly) a misogynist.

He's (allegedly) racist.

He's (allegedly) a pathological liar.

He (allegedly) has the temperament of a six-year-old.

He has openly boasted about sexually assaulting women and grabbing them by their genitals. 

He has looked at a ten-year-old girl and said, "Oh, I'll probably date her in ten years". Any other man would have been accused of pedophilia at that point, but not Donald Trump.

Hillary isn't much better. 

Yes, she's lied (so has every other politician). 

She deleted 33,000 emails (Bush, Rove, and pals deleted 22 million plus emails - no outrage from Republicans on that one, now was there).

Donald Trump should never have received the nomination or made it this far. The mere fact that Republicans are endorsing this man is clear evidence that they have sacrificed their humanity. It's more important for them to be a Republican, than a human.

In America, every 109 seconds someone is sexually assaulted (more women than men).

Every 8 minutes, the person being assaulted is a child.

Most people know someone who has been sexually assaulted, but they might not know that person was sexually assaulted because . . .

. . . a high percentage of rapes/sexual assaults are never reported.

So, we have a presidential candidate who boasts about sexually assaulting women and . . . the majority of Republicans in office continue to endorse him and/or vote for him. 


Oh, they might reprimand their teen-age sons if they heard them use such language (Diane Black and Marsha Blackburn - Republicans from TN), but they're still going to endorse and vote for Donald Trump!

Again . . . WTF???

At what point do you condone his language? How do you condone such language? Why would you condone such language and behavior?

Would all of these people supporting Donald Trump, be so generous with their support if . . . it was a 50-year-old black man doing/saying these things? A homeless man? An illegal immigrant? A democrat?

The sad answer is . . . NO. The man would be fair game for their hate and outrage . . . because he's not a Republican.

Note, I'm not saying Democrats are any better. I'm just saying that to vote for this man, to endorse him in any way, is to support his narcissism, his misogyny, his racism, his pathological lying, and his boasting about sexually assaulting women! 

No matter what else Donald has done, his casual disregard for sexual assault, his idea that it is locker room talk is the main reason I can't vote for the man. I'd vote for Satan before I'd vote for him.

A vote for him sends a clear message to every citizen in this country, especially the men: it's okay to disrespect women, it's okay to be racist, it's okay to boast about sexually assaulting women, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

It is not okay and, in my mind, there is no justification at all in endorsing and/or voting for a man who has so little respect for people, especially women, and casually banters about sexually assaulting women. My humanity means more to me than that. 

Our society has - unfortunately - reached the point where, for a label, a political affiliation, there is absolutely nothing a candidate can say/do that would cause members of their party not to vote for him.

But next time a woman, while unconscious, is raped and her rapist is only given six months in jail, please, all those voting for Trump, don't be outraged and claim it's a miscarriage of justice because . . . your endorsement and vote for Donald Trump shows that you really don't care. Sad, but true.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pope Francis Part Deux

So I've been thinking a lot about the Pope since his secret meeting with Kim Davis that showed he supports intolerance over love and acceptance and . . .

. . . I've come to realize that the Pope is just a man in a fancy white robe. He's nothing special. He's human. He's fallible. 

The Pope is a man, nothing more or less. His title means absolutely nothing.

He's no more holy than me or anyone else on the face of the Earth.

Yes, the Catholic Church has - pretty much - crowned him their King . . . but he's not a king.

He's no more elevated in life than the poorest peasant struggling for food. Oh, he has plenty to eat, and all his needs are taken care of, but that makes him lucky, and not special.

The Pope has shown that the Catholic Church, the ultimate leader of the Catholic Church, is no better than the meanest and intolerant bigot. There is no difference between the Pope and that bigot . . . other than that the Pope has a security detail.

Other than that, they're one and the same.

Really, this is not surprising. The Catholic Church has never been an all welcoming Church. They've always, like most churches, but not all, been intolerant. They, like the common, every day individual, have taken the Bible out of context to support their narrow minds. It's life. It's part and parcel of Churches from Baptist to Catholic to Muslim. 

Still, to know the Pope speaketh with a forked tongue is a good thing. To know the Pope lies is a good thing. It takes him off this high pedestal and puts him down in the mud with everybody else. He isn't special. He isn't different. He's human. 

It's sad, really, when the special is stripped away to reveal an intolerant individual who, just like a politician, says one thing but really means another. It's good that his secret meeting was revealed. It's good he was exposed for the hypocrite he is. 

The world can move on knowing this allegedly holy man really isn't special at all.

So, thank you, Pope Francis, for revealing your true, intolerant nature. Thank you for letting the world know that you support and embrace intolerance and, just like so many others, don't have a clue about two passages in the Bible: thou shall not judge and love thy neighbor.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dear Pope Francis

Dear Pope Francis

There's a saying - actions speak louder than words. You have more than lived up to that saying with your recent action of meeting with Kim Davis. It was bad enough that you openly supported her violation of US Law. She has a job to do. If she can't do her job, she should resign. It's that simple. But, you actively support her disobedience of US Law. You encourage her disobedience.

If that weren't bad enough, you meet with this woman who claims to have deeply held religious beliefs. In that one moment of time, you demeaned millions of gay Christians, and their supporters. Your actions told those gay Christians that they don't matter to you at all. In that moment, you solidified and pronounced the continued intolerance - and non-Christian attitude - of the Catholic Church.

I left the Catholic Church decades ago because of its intolerance. Your actions, and those of the Church have shown, time and again, that love thy neighbor is the one part of the Bible you are unwilling to follow.

If I hadn't left decades ago, I would have left today upon hearing the news of your meeting with Kim Davis.

You've shown her far more concern and compassion than you have shown the gay community. By meeting with her, you shouted - quite loudly, I might add - that all your words about accepting the members of the gay community were nothing more than lies. For to meet with a woman who has nothing but contempt for the gay community, who only has deeply held religious beliefs when it applies to the gay community, shows your contempt and intolerance for the gay community.

I know you're not capable of understanding any of this. I know you're so lost in misinterpretation of religious dogma to fully understand that God made every single one of us. Every person is born the way God meant them to be born. Just as Kim Davis was born heterosexual, I was born homosexual. It's what God meant for my life. I guess he also meant for me, and others like me, to live in a world where we are bullied on a daily basis, where we are told that we matter less because of the way God made us, where we don't deserve equal protection under the law, and where even the Pope can openly show his intolerance for us and support those acting against us because the way we were born.

I know you believe you were doing the right thing in supporting Kim Davis' intolerance. I know you believe she is doing the right thing in breaking the law to support her religious objections that only apply to same-sex couples. I believe otherwise. I believe your actions and stance on this issue are harmful towards the millions of gay Christians in the world. I believe all religious institutions that continue to misinterpret, and take out of context, the Bible to use it as a weapon are harmful to those of us God made gay.

You probably disagree with this. It's your right. But before you support those who are intolerant, before you embrace them and encourage their intolerance, understand that their intolerance and your support of said intolerance is harmful.

Perhaps one day, you'll fully understand the concept of love thy neighbor.