Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dear Bryan Fischer

Dear Bryan Fischer,

Isn't it ironic when the words you use to describe others actually apply to yourself and your organization. On your radio program on Tuesday, June 23, 2015, you suggested - with a certain lack of knowledge, I might add - that the rainbow flag "represents the gay lobby, it represents Big Gay, it represents what I'm calling for the first time today, I'm introducing a new term the Gay Reich". The irony here is, that the term Christian Reich could be applied to you and your cohorts who exemplify bigotry while claiming it is "religious freedom". More on this topic in a bit since you obviously need a bit of education in your life.

You state that the rainbow flag is a symbol of "slavery and oppression and bigotry and prejudice and bias". Again, the irony is that you yourself, and those like you, represent oppression and bigotry and bias". The only slavery involved is your slavery to out of context biblical passages to condemn a section of humanity while ignoring the passages that would condemn you and your cohorts.

The LGBT Community does not oppress others, unless you feel that asking for equal protection under the law is oppression.

The LGBT Community, for the most part, are not bigots. They do not have a problem with Christians. The problem is with the people claiming to be Christians who really aren't Christians. These are the people taking the Bible out of context, claiming "religious freedom" to openly discriminate against a section of the population. These are people, Mr. Fischer, just like yourself. 

Religious Freedom is the freedom to practice your religion, not openly discriminate against people. The Bible does not state "thou shall discriminate". The Bible does state, and obviously you skipped over this passage, "thou shall not judge" and "love thy neighbor". It's sad, by your actions and your words, that you do judge and you do not love thy neighbor. It's sad that you, as an alleged heterosexual, feel you are more deserving of equal protection under the law, than your homosexual - born that way, not a choice - counterparts. It's sad you feel the need to use an offensive term related to mass genocide - Reich - to make yourself feel better, when the actions of oppression, bigotry and bias are clearly on your end, and not that of the LGBT Community, which wants one thing and one thing only: equal protection under the law as guaranteed by the United States Constitution!!!

So, the irony, Mr. Fisher, is that the words and actions you choose to toss at the LGBT Community actually apply to you, and not the LGBT Community.

Perhaps some time out of the spotlight to understand the meaning of compassion and respect would better suit you, rather than spouting your intolerance on the air when you obviously don't have a clue what you are talking about.

But, that would only happen in a perfect world. In this imperfect world we live in, a man like you has his own radio show, and has like-minded followers who don't have a clue that they words they are so easily tossing at others, actually apply to themselves.

So, I'll pray for you Mr. Fischer to one day truly know the meaning of the words compassion and respect. I'll pray that you never have to experience the intolerance and disrespect you push on others through your radio show and other mediums. I'll pray that you never have to experience unequal protection under the law, nor have to fight for equal protection under the law. I'll pray that you never have to experience discrimination or intolerance for how you were born, for how God made you. For you see, I don't wish any of what you wish upon me, or those like me, onto others. I don't disrespect you because you're an alleged Christian. I do feel sorry for you that you have not come to realize the true meaning of Christianity, or understand that you, and those like you, taking the Bible out of context, are failing in the teachings of Christ. You'll have to come to that realization on you on.

In the meantime, blessings upon you Mr. Fischer.


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