Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dear Pope Francis

Dear Pope Francis

There's a saying - actions speak louder than words. You have more than lived up to that saying with your recent action of meeting with Kim Davis. It was bad enough that you openly supported her violation of US Law. She has a job to do. If she can't do her job, she should resign. It's that simple. But, you actively support her disobedience of US Law. You encourage her disobedience.

If that weren't bad enough, you meet with this woman who claims to have deeply held religious beliefs. In that one moment of time, you demeaned millions of gay Christians, and their supporters. Your actions told those gay Christians that they don't matter to you at all. In that moment, you solidified and pronounced the continued intolerance - and non-Christian attitude - of the Catholic Church.

I left the Catholic Church decades ago because of its intolerance. Your actions, and those of the Church have shown, time and again, that love thy neighbor is the one part of the Bible you are unwilling to follow.

If I hadn't left decades ago, I would have left today upon hearing the news of your meeting with Kim Davis.

You've shown her far more concern and compassion than you have shown the gay community. By meeting with her, you shouted - quite loudly, I might add - that all your words about accepting the members of the gay community were nothing more than lies. For to meet with a woman who has nothing but contempt for the gay community, who only has deeply held religious beliefs when it applies to the gay community, shows your contempt and intolerance for the gay community.

I know you're not capable of understanding any of this. I know you're so lost in misinterpretation of religious dogma to fully understand that God made every single one of us. Every person is born the way God meant them to be born. Just as Kim Davis was born heterosexual, I was born homosexual. It's what God meant for my life. I guess he also meant for me, and others like me, to live in a world where we are bullied on a daily basis, where we are told that we matter less because of the way God made us, where we don't deserve equal protection under the law, and where even the Pope can openly show his intolerance for us and support those acting against us because the way we were born.

I know you believe you were doing the right thing in supporting Kim Davis' intolerance. I know you believe she is doing the right thing in breaking the law to support her religious objections that only apply to same-sex couples. I believe otherwise. I believe your actions and stance on this issue are harmful towards the millions of gay Christians in the world. I believe all religious institutions that continue to misinterpret, and take out of context, the Bible to use it as a weapon are harmful to those of us God made gay.

You probably disagree with this. It's your right. But before you support those who are intolerant, before you embrace them and encourage their intolerance, understand that their intolerance and your support of said intolerance is harmful.

Perhaps one day, you'll fully understand the concept of love thy neighbor.