Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pope Francis Part Deux

So I've been thinking a lot about the Pope since his secret meeting with Kim Davis that showed he supports intolerance over love and acceptance and . . .

. . . I've come to realize that the Pope is just a man in a fancy white robe. He's nothing special. He's human. He's fallible. 

The Pope is a man, nothing more or less. His title means absolutely nothing.

He's no more holy than me or anyone else on the face of the Earth.

Yes, the Catholic Church has - pretty much - crowned him their King . . . but he's not a king.

He's no more elevated in life than the poorest peasant struggling for food. Oh, he has plenty to eat, and all his needs are taken care of, but that makes him lucky, and not special.

The Pope has shown that the Catholic Church, the ultimate leader of the Catholic Church, is no better than the meanest and intolerant bigot. There is no difference between the Pope and that bigot . . . other than that the Pope has a security detail.

Other than that, they're one and the same.

Really, this is not surprising. The Catholic Church has never been an all welcoming Church. They've always, like most churches, but not all, been intolerant. They, like the common, every day individual, have taken the Bible out of context to support their narrow minds. It's life. It's part and parcel of Churches from Baptist to Catholic to Muslim. 

Still, to know the Pope speaketh with a forked tongue is a good thing. To know the Pope lies is a good thing. It takes him off this high pedestal and puts him down in the mud with everybody else. He isn't special. He isn't different. He's human. 

It's sad, really, when the special is stripped away to reveal an intolerant individual who, just like a politician, says one thing but really means another. It's good that his secret meeting was revealed. It's good he was exposed for the hypocrite he is. 

The world can move on knowing this allegedly holy man really isn't special at all.

So, thank you, Pope Francis, for revealing your true, intolerant nature. Thank you for letting the world know that you support and embrace intolerance and, just like so many others, don't have a clue about two passages in the Bible: thou shall not judge and love thy neighbor.