Thursday, April 17, 2014

Things That Offend Me

Things that offend me as a gay man . . .

  • Saying to people well I have a gay friend - just because you have a gay friend(s) does not make you any less homophobic. A certain Senator believes in reparative therapy (i.e., turning a gay person straight) and yet likes to spout off that she has "gay friends". Pity her poor friends that happen to be gay . . . and the fact that she so blatantly disrespects them. 
  • Hearing people say my being gay is a choice - no, it's not. How many people do you know who would willing choose to have people call them names - faggot, queer, co#%$ucker, sodomite, et al? Or, choose to be blatantly discriminated against, bullied, oppressed, and . . . so much other crap I sometimes think I might have a stroke from reading all the ignorant comments people make when they attempt to defend their homophobia and bigotry? My homosexuality is just like your heterosexuality - it's how God made me, DNA! I didn't choose anything, just as you heterosexuals didn't choose to be heterosexual.
  • Calling my being gay a lifestyle - it's not a lifestyle, people, it's how God made me, DNA!! Is your being straight a lifestyle? Of course not, so don't disrespect me, or any gay man, women, transgender person, by using that term. It's my life, end of discussion. The only style is my snappy dressing!
  • Assuming all gay men are effeminate or all lesbians are masculine. Hate to disappoint, but . . . my people came in all shapes, sizes, colors, femininity and masculinity.  
I could go on and on and on, but these are the top four, at least for today!

Seriously, people, get a clue when you toss these things out in your misguided hate and bigotry. Your words are offensive and disrespectful. Oh, and stop wielding the Bible as a weapon and stop taking it out of context to support your narrow-mindedness and bigotry. The Bible was never intended to be a) used as a weapon or b) taken out of context. So, quit doing it! 

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