Thursday, April 10, 2014

Many Rants All Wrapped Up in One

One Million Moms - well, not exactly, I think total membership is like 20 moms - has a right to their beliefs, or what I like to refer to as . . . hate and intolerance. They have every right to boycott Honey Maid, just as I have every right to boycott Brawny Paper Towels, Chik-fil-a, and any other number of organizations that feel discrimination to the LGBT Community is totally justified in - what I like to think of as - their narrow little minds.

Yes, being a bit harsh. The thing is: what gives any of these people the right to deny equality, for that is precisely what they are doing, to other people? 

Yes, they like to say they're doing it because their Christians, but . . .

. . . sorry, that's not Christianity.

No where in the Bible does it say . . .

Thou Shall Deny Equality to those YOU Deem not Equal to Yourself
Thou Shall Discriminate
Thou Shall Take the Bible Out of Context to Justify Your Own Narrow Minded Purposes
Thou Shall Wield the Bible as a Weapon

But, maybe there's a newer version of the Bible that I know nothing about, that actually embraces such commandments that disrespects, rather than respects, other human beings.

I just don't get it. Everybody deserves EQUALITY!!! Equal Protection Under the Law should not be something a portion of the human population has to fight for, and yet . . . 

. . . time and again, these battles have played out throughout the centuries of human existence.

Women had to fight for the right to vote, to work, and . . . are still fighting for equal pay.

The Black community had to fight for the right to vote, to marry a white person, to drink at the same water fountain as the white community, and so many other things.

And now, the forefront of the fight, is the LGBT community fighting for equal protection under the law.

Those that don't wish for the LGBT community to have equal protection under the law, consistently use the phrase "traditional marriage" . . .

Well, Google "traditional marriage" and see what you find out. Go ahead. I'll wait . . . 

. . . Ah, now you're thinking (well, if you're not, you should be) who knew traditional marriage consisted of polygamy, consensual adultery, and incest? Yes, that's exactly what I thought.

So, when Mike Huckabee stands up and proclaims he's not a hater or a homophobe, but just someone who believes in "traditional marriage", I think to myself . . .

Does Mrs. Huckabee know that her husbands wants to have more than one wife . . . at the same time? Does she know her husband wants her to consent to him having adultery? And does she know . . .

Well, hopefully, you get my point. 

The point of marriage has changed throughout the centuries of existence. The benefits granted by marriage today are benefits bestowed by . . . man's law, and not God's law. God doesn't mention right of survivorship in the Bible, or that you don't have to pay outrageous inheritance taxes, or the fact that you can't visit a loved one in the hospital (yes, this has changed) if not legally married to them, or . . . so many of the at least 1,100 benefits granted to legally married couples. God said nothing about that in the Bible. These were benefits created by man . . .

 . . . and denied to members of the LGBT Community.

So, I say, if people want traditional marriage, as vaguely outlined in the Bible, then every single benefit , created by man, currently enjoyed by heterosexual legally married couples should be stripped away. Their marriage should be strictly as God intended . . .

. . . with the wife becoming the property of the man, and having no rights whatsoever to his land, his money, or anything. 

Ooooooooh, I bet arteries are imploding in the heads of people right about now at the very thought of stripping away these benefits that they believe are granted through them by "traditional marriage", but, in fact, were created by man to make life easier for him and his wife. 

Why shouldn't I, as a gay man, have those same rights? Why should I have to worry - well, I don't because I have a loving and supportive family - about crafting a detailed will that covers every possible loophole so that the love of my life can inherit everything I have? Why should I have to worry about me being sick and in the ICU and the hospital saying the love of my life can't sit with me because he's not a) legally my spouse or b) blood related? Why should I, or him, have to pay higher inheritance taxes? 

The simple answer is: we shouldn't!

And yet, there is a portion of this country that believes we should. There is a portion of this country that is so filled with hate - though they will deny they are acting in hatred, or homophobia - that they will fight to their dying breath to deny equality to Frank and me! They will go to court, time and again, with arguments that will not stand up in court, just so Frank and I don't get any of the 1,100 benefits they enjoy as married couples?

Their hate, ignorance, narrow-mindedness and what not, anger me! Heck, they're the reason I'll probably have cirrhosis of the liver one day! Kidding! I don't give them that much thought. Why?

Because they are not worth it! 

And with that, dear readers, you get my many rants all wrapped up in one!!

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