Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dear One Million (well, not really, they can't count) Moms

The first thing that amazes me about you is the name of your organization: One Million Moms! That's a falsehood right from the start. You might want to consider a more accurate title for your organization. 

Second - your main goal seems to be to call out organizations that don't gel with your belief system, as if your belief system is the only correct belief system on this planet.

I hate to break it to you: One Million Moms does not have exclusivity to a singular belief system for the planet.

Third - you outright lied on your site in regards to the recent legislation passed in IN. You stated "The Indiana law is identical in all fundamental respects to the 1993 federal RFRA signed into law by President Bill Clinton after it passed the U.S. House unanimously and the Senate 97-3".

If you had bothered to actually do some research, you would have known that the Indiana law has some marked differences from the 1993 Federal (the word is capitalized, btw) RFRA signed into law. You can do some Googling on your own and discover this for yourself and . . . delete the lie from your site. I mean, you hold everyone else to these high expectations you've established for your organization, so one would think you would adhere to those same standards. It will be quite interesting to see if you do.

If you don't . . . a suggested word of the day might be "hypocrite", but that's only a suggestion. I always find a word of the day helpful in building my vocabulary.

I also take issue with the fact that you think Jesus could not have been black. Have you met him? Were you around back in the day? Or, are you basing your opinion on the representations passed down by a white society that oppressed all other races? If so, you might want to read the Bible where it actually gives a description of a Jesus . . . who is not lily white with straight hair. Just a thought.

Another thing you're obviously not aware of . . . the Bible does not say "thou shall discriminate". Jesus ate with prisoners and prostitutes and lepers. He didn't judge. You might want to try following his example. Your lives - the few number of you in the organization - might be enriched.

If you treat people less than how you are expect to be treated . . . that's wrong.

As much as I personally dislike your views and your, in my opinion, narrow minded belief system, if I met you on the street I would treat you with respect and courtesy. I would hope that you never have to face the hate and discrimination and bigotry that people within the LGBT community face on a daily basis. I would hope that you are not fired for the way you were born, the way God made you. I would hope you are not abandoned by your family because of the way you were born.

You have obviously led a privileged life where you cannot understand discrimination in its rawest form. You can't understand how hateful and hurtful your words and disrespect are to a group of people that have had to fear for their lives in some instances . . .because of the way they were born.

Angie's List, no more so than anybody else, is anti-Christian, nor are they bigots, nor are any of the other people speaking out against the intolerance of the law IN just passed. They are compassionate human beings who believe that all people deserve equal treatment under the law. Can you say the same thing about yourselves? 

Well, no, you can't . . . because your words indicate a decided lack of compassion on your part. 

It's sad that an organization like yours exists in the first place. It's sad that your goal in life is to claim superiority over other people.

BTW - I used the link on your site to email Angie's list and applaud them for their efforts. I also encouraged all my friends and family to do the same. So, your site actually served a better purpose than you probably intended.

And, again, I hope you have a better life than the one you've wished upon and are supporting for the members of the LGBT community.


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