Monday, March 30, 2015

Religious Freedom

With the recent passage of Indiana's "Religious Freedom" bill . . . it seems as if the world has gone INSANE!

My thoughts on this are simple: religious freedom does not give anybody the right to discriminate.

The Bible does not state "thou shall discriminate"!

When people argue their religious convictions in order to discriminate, in my personal opinion, they are using the terms "religious convictions" and "religious freedoms" to excuse their bigotry.

It's that simple. No length explanations or excuses are needed.

These are the same people who won't answer the question "what would Jesus do?" because they know . . . he wouldn't be doing what they're doing: discriminating based on their own personal biases.

So, when someone complains that their religious freedoms are being infringed upon by having to serve members of the LGBT community . . .

That's a lie they are using to condone their own bigotry.

The lovely (and I use that term in the most sarcastic way possible) Governor of IN could not answer a simple yes/no question on This Week with George Stephanopolus: click here for a good article about that interview.

After repeatedly trying to get an answer, George posed this question:

“So when you say tolerance is a two way street, does that mean that Christians who want to refuse service … to gays and lesbians, that it’s now legal in the state of Indiana? That’s the simple yes-or-no question.”

And, again, Governor Pence refused to answer!

Governor Pence continues to try to justify the bill he signed into law, continually saying it has nothing to do with discrimination . . . and yet now feels the need to clarify that law. If discrimination wasn't involved in the crafting of the law, then why should clarification be needed.

The fact is, neither the Governor or the IN government members voting this law into existence, counted on the backlash IN has received, and continues to receive.

The fact is, if the law wasn't about discrimination, why were these three people included to witness the private signing: Micah Clark, Curt Smith and Eric Miller.

In order of appearance . . . 

Micah Clark . . . believes "homosexuality is a treatable disorder".

Curt Smith . . . equates "homosexuality with bestiality and adultery".

Eric Miller . . . "distributed a fear flier falsely claiming that pastors could be jailed for preaching against homosexuality".

Click on this link for more on these three.

The people you surround yourself with, Governor Pence, show a lot about you as a person! Just sayin' . . .

So, while people will use the terms "religious convictions" and "religious freedoms" as a way of justifying their discrimination, please remember that the Bible does not justify discrimination.


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