Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Deplorable Tyrant: Chapter Three

Chapter Three: Fake Votes

The Tyrant was not happy. The media kept misreporting the alternative facts. They kept saying 5.6 million more people voted for his opponent than voted for him. He knew the truth. He kept telling them the truth. His media representative kept telling them the truth. The media kept reporting the lies and not the alternative facts that supported The Tyrant's version of reality.

The alternative fact was simple: 5.6 million, at a minimum, fake votes were cast. There was no other explanation as to why his opponent received so many other votes. Everybody in the country LOVED him. He was WORSHIPPED by the masses.

He had decided - while Chirping away at 3 AM - that a full investigation into the fake votes needed to be started immediately, at a cost to the citizens and not the government. The Universe must understand that millions upon millions of people did not vote against him. Still, he was thankful for the archaic system that should - but luckily wasn't - have been voided centuries ago was still in existence. If not for that archaic system, his opponent would have won.

Note: The Tyrant is a purely fictional character and any resemblance to a living or deceased individual is purely coincidental. #COINCIDENTAL

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