Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Deplorable Tyrant: Chapter Two

Chapter Two: Mrs. Deplorable Tyrant

Mrs. Deplorable Tyrant (hereafter known as Mrs. Tyrant) lay in bed pretending to sleep. Her husband, The Tyrant, was angrily Chirping away at all the people he believed were his enemies . . . which was pretty much everyone in the country, though he refused to admit such an obvious fact. She knew she would have to endure his presence in his bed . . . tonight at least. It was getting more difficult year after year to pretend he wasn't old, fat, and an incredibly bad lover. She always kept her eyes closed. She had opened them once - seen his horrible face - and almost screamed out in fright. Luckily, besides being beautiful, she was a good actress. He never suspected that she couldn't stand him.

He had always been a means to an end: citizenship and money. She would endure what she must to stay in this country . . . even sex with The Tyrant once per month as agreed upon in their pre-nuptial agreement. Of course, it had been more often in the beginning. She had to get pregnant. His little swimmers weren't so hearty any longer, and it took much longer than she planned. Still, she had a beautiful child who was well worth the misery she endured having sex with The Tyrant.

He finally came to bed. She pretended to be asleep. She had endured enough today, and in the last few months. She wasn't sure she could endure his feeble attempts at love-making and the question he always inevitably asked: Wasn't that the best EVER?? He always seemed to emphasize the word EVER.

Soon, she heard the sounds of his snoring. She smiled slightly and drifted off to sleep. She dreamed of attending his funeral and the looks on his children's (by other wives) faces as they learned he disinherited every last one of them.

Note: The Tyrant and Mrs. Tyrant are purely fictional characters and any resemblance to a living or deceased individual is purely coincidental. #COINCIDENTAL

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