Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bullying . . .

. . . is unacceptable in any way, shape, form!

Can you hear me Michelle Bachmann? Rick Perry? NOM? Do you understand that your actions in attempting to deny equality to the GLBT community is a form of bullying? Do you understand that your actions help reinforce that bullying is okay?

How many kids have to die, before the world at large takes notice? How many, before you and your like-minded counterparts finally realize that your words/actions have an impact on others? Your words/actions aren't any different than that of the bullies who led Jamey Rodemeyer to commit suicide!

Oh, you justify your words/actions, you make excuses for them, but, in the end, the excuses, at least to me, mean absolutely nothing. Humanity has a long history of justifying abhorrent behavior . . .

. . . Hitler

. . . The Crusades

. . . just to name two.

Hitler truly believed he was right - as did many others - in what he did to the Jews, and to others that didn't meet his standards for humanity.

The Church, back in the day - the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the extinction of the Pagans - believed it was justified, that it was God's will, in what they did, i.e., kill, rape, do whatever they had to in order to convert people to the one, true religion . . . at least in their minds.

Once upon a time, this county believed that women were inferior and should stay at home, barefoot and pregnant (okay, only if you lived in the South), and didn't have the right to vote or, for the most part, work outside of the home. If someone were to say that we should go back to those days, then those same women seeking to deny equality to the GLBT community would be up in arms!

It's funny - in a sad, sad way - that these same women can so easily denounce/deny equality to fellow humans and completely forget that their gender had to fight for what they have right here and now. Michelle Bachmann, a few generations back, wouldn't even have been able to consider a run for President. Just sayin' . . .

Once upon a time, this country believed in slavery.

There are so many more instances I could write of the denial of equality, of bullying on a level that is - almost - unbelievable.

There comes a time and place where the narrow-minded views of the allegedly righteous need to come to an end.

That time is HERE!

That time is NOW!


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