Tuesday, August 2, 2011

People Not Robots

What I ask of you, as the elections come up, is to seriously consider yourselves as people, and not robots of a particular mindset. Are you willing to follow a politician who isn’t following their heart or conscience, but who is rather following the mindset of a particular group – Democrat, Republican, Tea Party, Coffee Party? They are only saying what they need to say to a) get the backing of the particular party and b) to get your vote.

They are not speaking from their hearts and conscience.

History has shown us, i.e., the people of the United States, that politicians do not keep the allegedly false promises they make to convince you - us - to vote for them. Go on, check out all the promises of the candidates you have voted for in the last few elections and see how many of their promises were kept. I'm betting $$$ that more promises have been broken than kept.

Our government is - allegedly - corrupt. It is broken. The politicians broker deals behind the scenes that strip away their humanity, and strip away the American peoples faith in their government.
The politicians in office, those aiming to get in office, are not speaking from their hearts and conscience.
They cannot speak from their hearts and conscience and get elected, because . . . the Republican't, the Democrat, The Tea and Coffee Parties would not support them. They would toss them aside like a used, well, condom. Good for one use only! Sorry!

None of those parties want a candidate who speaks from their heart and conscience. Oh, yeah, they make those claims, they fire up their righteous indignation, but, in the end, their own self interests, and not the the greater good of We the People of the United States comes into play.

So, as the elections gear up, the hateful/negative ads begin to air, remember this: the ads are false and taken out of context. You need to check the facts for yourself. Do Not Trust the Political Ads!!!


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