Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sarah Speaks . . .

. . . and doesn't say anything useful. Big Surprise!

So, in the midst of tumbling stocks, and a downgrade by a credit agency, Sarah Palin opens mouth, and inserts foot . . . again: “Be wary of the efforts President Obama makes to ‘fix’ the debt problem,” she said. “The more he tries to ‘fix’ things, the worse they get.”

Then, not to outdo herself, she sticks her other foot in her mouth:
“How shamelessly cynical and dishonest must one be to blame this inevitable downgrade on the very people who have been shouting all along ‘stop spending?’” This comment was in response to people pointing the finger at the Tea Party Movement.

Of course, it's okay to blame the president, the Democrats, and anybody else who isn't part of the Tea Party Movement, but shamey-shamey-shamey if anyone dares place blame on the Tea Party!

Seriously, Sarah, get a life.

The reason our county is in the shape it is in, is because we have an inept government not willing to work together. We have a government - and trust me, any members of the Tea Party are no different - who wants to broker deals, i.e., I'll agree to this to fix the current crisis, if you'll agree to that, rather than actually deal with the crisis at hand: a rising, unmanageable debt brought about by a series of Presidents, both Democratic and Republican, throughout the years, and by a Senate/Congress too busy playing party politics to actual do the jobs they were elected to do.

So, dear Sarah, instead of acting immature, pointing your finger, and saying I told you so, why not try being an adult for a change and actually offering non-party biased solutions. Geesh!

Oh, and dear Sarah is also encouraging people with this statement: "Please get engaged in 2012 electoral politicians and support experienced, vetted, pro-free market fiscal conservatives."

Oh, and conservatives will be the downfall of this country. Conservatives are already doing their best to deny equality to citizens of the United States. Do we really want such allegedly narrow-minded people gaining power in this country?



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