Monday, August 29, 2011

Natural Disasters

You know, limited intelligent life-forms shouldn't be allowed to run for political office. Then again, if they didn't, who would fill the positions?

Seriously, MB in another illogical move, has now determined that God is trying to get the attention of politicians by wreaking havoc with natural - hurricanes, earthquakes - disasters!

Seriously, woman???

Do you really think that God gives a hoot about politicians (of which MB is one!!!)? If so, why doesn't He just send a bolt of lightning to wipe out the lying/corrupt politicians currently in office . . . and those running for office?

I hate to tell you MB, but God is not speaking to you through natural disasters. You might think he is . . .and you might want to check into your own clinic for some reparative therapy while you're at it . . . but he isn't.

People die in natural (oh, you might want to look up the definition of that one in your spare time, MB) disasters time after time. Were they bad people? Was God punishing them? What about devout Christians that die of cancer? With your current illogical thinking, MB, that would be God talking to the politicians.

If you're hearing voices in your heads, they have meds for that, MB! Just sayin' . . .

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